Top 10 RAK’s witnessed while wearing RAK Apparel


As you know, the goal RAK Apparel is to inspire/remind folks to perform at least one Random Act of Kindness each day.

Thought I’d share some of the stories I’ve gotten so far of RAK’s being performed by people wearing the RAK clothing.

I encourage everyone to please keep emailing me stories of RAK’s being performed. Either by you, or someone you know to: .

Below are 10 great stories from people wearing RAK Apparel:

  1. “Handed a Gatorade to our trash collector.”
  2. “Gave a $10 tip to a great waitress on a $20 tab”.
  3. “Cleaned my brothers room.”- (this was reported by a 9 yr old girl. I need to check with the Catholic authorities, but this may qualify as a Miracle.)
  4. “Walked the dog without being asked.”
  5. “Brought in my neighbors trash cans.”
  6. “My 7 yr old held the door open for 5 minutes at Target saying he needs to do his RAK since he has his RAK shirt on!”
  7. “Taped a five dollar bill to a gas pump with a note saying ‘I hope this finds someone who can use it’.”
  8. “Thanked my daughters basketball coach for his work with the girls. He told me I made his day because he usually only gets grief.”
  9. “I invited some kids to play with me at school that I usually don’t play with.”

10. “ My 12 yr old daughter came into my room before bed time and said she wore her RAK shirt today & forgot to do something nice. She then said ‘I love you’ and gave me a hug! I love your shirts!!.”


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