How RAK Got Started


RAK Apparel: Inspired by a Dream

 The dream came out of nowhere. Margie had passed away 2 years prior. The dream was intensely vivid, and came along with a feeling I’ll never forget. Margie spoke to me quickly, and directly:

“Start a company. Call it RAK. That stands for Random Acts of Kindness. Write ‘You’ve Got Lucky’ on shirts & tell people to ‘wear this shirt, perform a RAK & good luck will come their way’. “ She repeatedly told me to “Write this down!”.

I listened to Margie’s instructions & wrote everything down when I woke. But the concept seemed too crazy to act on.

But after 18 months, I still couldn’t forget that dream, or that feeling. I knew I had to act on it.

And RAK Apparel was born. Inspired by a Dream, and in loving memory of Margie Carmona.